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Cinemakkaran is an online platform to know all about Malayalam films, Here you can get the latest updates about Malayalam films. Cinemakkaran started in August 2021, with a group of film enthusiasts. Our main focus is on delivering new updates about Malayalam films. We are covering the topics of film reviews, upcoming movies, trending Malayalam film news, Malayalam film actors & actresses news in this portal. 

In recent times Malayalam films have changed a lot in the aspects of budget & technical. Our goal is to deliver all-new updates about Malayalam films to our readers. This is the only portal that is only focusing on Malayalam films. We have a group of technical and content-writing teams to deliver the news properly to our readers. We are writing here the genuine reviews about the film without the influence of anything. So you can believe our reviews 100 %.  

Kerala has many film lovers. We all have the culture to see film in any celebration, festival or gathering to friends. So we believe that this portal has an importance in this decade. Now the Malayalam films cover the barrier of language and our films have many audiences in other states and countries. With the revolution of OTT, our films are now released all over the world simultaneously. Drishyam 2 is the perfect example of that. So we need a platform to tell about our cinema to all over the world, That thought lead us to develop this portal. 

As the first Malayalam film news portal, Cinemakkaran will give you the all information about Malayalam films. We also give you the chance to write the reviews and publish them on this portal. Our only focus is delivering proper information through this portal. For getting the latest updates we are requesting you to follow our FB page also.

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