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Akhil - cinemakkaran Team 20-11-2021 7:00 PM Malayalam New Release

Janeman is a Malayalam film released on November 19, 2021. The plot of the story. is, Joymon, a nurse who works in Canada, decides to spend his thirtieth birthday with his schoolmates in Kerala. During the celebration day, something is happening in their life. After many delays due to covid restrictions, Janeman was released on November 19.

Janeman is a feel-good movie from Malayalam in recent times. Comedy scenes & Emotional scenes are connected very well to the audience. All actors including Basil Joseph, Arjun Asokan, Siddharth Menon, Balu Varheese & Lal done their characters very well. At the end of the movie, it conveys to us why the movie name is 'Janeman'.

The Malayalam film actor Ganapathy’s brother Chidambaram debuts as director through Janeman. Ganapathy is also one of the writers of the movie. Even small characters are done their job very well. Especially The event management company owner, the delivery boy, and the gang leader friend. Lal's acting was extraordinary as usual in this film. With his acting, Basil Joseph is growing as an actor too.

The film travels to different human emotions. On the same day as the birthday celebration, something unpleasant happens in a neighbor's house. One family is going through happiness and the other family going through sadness at the same time. Janeman also tells whats is friendship and family relations are like nowadays.

The film ends with a tear in the audience. Anyone who likes to watch a feel-good comedy film can take a ticket for this movie. The movie is becoming a sleeper hit in Malayalam now. The movie is running successfully with Housefull shows with a positive response from the audience.

Directed by: Chidambaram

Writing Credits : Chidambaram(writer), Ganapathi(co-writer), Sapnesh Varachal(co-writer)

Basil Joseph - Joymon
Arjun Asokan - Sambath
Siddharth Menon - Ratheesh
Balu Varghese - Monichan
Lal - Kochu Kunj
Ganapathi - Dr.Faizal Khan

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